warfare and street kids


I was sharing the goodnews and Roy was translating

I was sharing the goodnews and Roy was translating

Yesterday we had the chance to visit Ibu Anas once again. She is the little old lady with cataracts in Tanah-Marah Koramil. I’m pretty sure that she has become my one to visit. I was able to share the gospel and lay out what J-man did for her. Sometimes I get so frustrated because she just says that it is all the same, she thinks that we believe in the same God and believe the same things. We tell her that J-man isn’t just a prophet, but the Son of God and she doesn’t see the difference. We tell her that we have assurance of salvation, and she says that she has the same because she has done enough. Nate and I feel like we just keep hitting brick walls with her, it’s hard. Please be praying for us and for her. She is so sweet, funny and amazing. She is always on my heart and I want to see her come to know Him and also see clearly when her eyes are healed.


We then went to a youth group and listened to a man names Neil Gamble from Oregon. It was funny, I was talking to him before hand and he has been to Poulsbo and has a grandchild in Bremerton. Such a small world! He talked about the minis..try of reconciliation. It was the first time in a long time that I really was feeling fed by someone else. A lot of the time it is so hard to pay attention and understand what is being spoken about because of the translation. He was being translated too, but I could tell that he was used to speaking with translation and it was really good. He was sharing about how when God is up to something good, Satan always tries to come in and divide the group and bring dysfunction to the group. It was a great reminder for all of us to fight for the relationships that we have.

Today in Rawa Indah, Nate and I visited a friends mothers of one of our translators. She was telling us how they see demons in the house hanging around and that she is scared to sleep sometimes. They are a Christian family, except for Didi’s friend. She also shared about her cancer and we prayed over her for that and her loss of hearing. We then did some warfare in every room of the house. We anointed every room with oil, proclaimed the Word in every room, and did prayer battle in every room. It was a heavy time, but we sang some songs when we finished and the whole house seemed lighter as we were leaving. Needless to say, that took the whole afternoon.

We went back to the street kids service tonight. This morning as we were praying about it, I felt that God was asking us to share about the fruit of the spirit. So, we did a little drama. It was fun, it taught the kids about love, joy, peace and patience. We used drawings of real fruit and as I was on the way home from grocery shopping I ran into people that needed those things and the kids helped decide which fruit of the spirit each person needed. It was a lot of fun and we sang songs with them too. I really enjoy going there.

Well, we also finally got our visas completely taken care of! It took long enough. Somehow we ended up with 3 month extensions instead of 1 month, but don’t worry, I’m leaving here in 3 weeks to head back to Perth. I’ll be there for a week and then on home. God is good and we’re pushing through this last leg. There is still lots to be done and we’ll do all we can! Thanks for your prayers!


This is me and Ibu Anas, she's so small!

This is me and Ibu Anas, she

2 thoughts on “warfare and street kids

  1. what a jam packed couple of days! You are in my prayers – love you!

  2. awesome stories!! real life!!! pray that you can find the exact right words. did you read the magazine clippings I put in your pkg? love you, mom

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