Today was the day!


Ibu Romlah

Ibu Romlah

This is Ibu Romlah, Today she asked J-man to be in her heart. It was a great day. She also had some healing happen in her stomach and hearing. God is on the move. She has a stomach ulcer from worrying about her children and being stressed out because they don’t get along. Most of the medicine doesn’t work for her that she can buy. So I told her about how I had an ulcer condition and when I gave all my worries to the Lord, my stomach got better and I was healed. Then our translator Hans took it away and the next thing we knew they were praying and she was repeating after him. There is still a long road of discipleship ahead, but I’m confident that the people here will take care of her. She said as we were praying that she felt lighter and that it felt as though something went into her ear and pulled out a plug so that she could head better. PTL! It was an amazing break through. It was the first person in Rawa Indah who has said a prayer. God is so good!

On Monday I did lots of sight seeing in the city, we had a fun time and spent most of the day looking at flowers, different houses from different areas of Indo, visiting museums, and all kinds of different things. 

Yesterday, we went to a slum that we haven’t been to much before, but got to talk with some ladies and learned about all the groups that come and bring them things. They have foundations that come and bring food and health care, but they are really thankful that we come just to talk and visit and get to know them. It was cool to share a little bit about why we come and how we are all created in God’s image and just be their friends. I had two little babies, one was 7 months and the other was 15 days! It was great. 

We then had a cooperate meeting in the South and had all the teams come together to worship, share testimonies, and pray for the city more. We then had dinner and watched a movie. It is always refreshing to hear about what is happening in other areas of the city. God is still on the move and I’m giving my all these last two weeks!

See you soon!

One thought on “Today was the day!

  1. great news! I like to hear what you are up to! keep keepin it real!

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