A day like none other

It was a pretty confusing day. Nate, Amanda and I were asked to help with worship at a University meeting, and the rest of the team would just attend. So the three of us got up early and headed to the school, not really sure of what to expect. Nate brought his guitar and I brought the djiembe and my drum sticks. We were ready for what ever they threw at us.

It turned out the we were to join a team that was already in place and be a part of their worship. English and Indonesian songs! Amanda had the toughest job trying to sing along as a back-up vocalist. Some how Nate got taken off of the stage and some other guy used his guitar and Nate didn’t do anything. I played the djiembe and did something bad to my ring finger on my left hand. It’s now swollen and bruised. We ended up on the stage for about 4 hours, playing at random times and understanding little of what was happening. We didn’t rehearse before we started, even though we had time. We never knew which song was coming up next and it was so very random! It’s orientation time for the students, so it was a christian organization within the school that held this worship and sharing time. I don’t really know what else to say. I has a good time playing along, and learning songs as we went. The spirit moved some and Jess shared a good word about Lordship. We were at that place from 9am – 3pm…

Later this evening we went to Devin’s house, he is a translator and yesterday was his birthday, so we celebrated with him and his family tonight, and lots of his friends as well.

Yesterday, we went to the garbage slum and talked with an old man about what he believes. He was very set in his ways and was a little tough to talk to, but none the less it was a good conversation. We also had a going away party for one of the guys on the other team that we live with. David had to head back to Switzerland early to start University in a couple of days. We had a fun dance party and I had to take a second shower… I’m tired so I’m going to sleep early tonight.

Blessings upon you,


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