Well, goodnews so far. My mom went to the dr today to have biopsy, but they wouldn’t do it because everything was looking so much better. She will see another dr on Friday and hopefully have more information, but I think that this is a huge work of the spirit. Keep praying and I’ll let you know what happens next. Life is always an adventure! Keep your chin up, that’s when you’re face to face with your maker.

here we go

Now that I have been home for about 5 days, life has been hitting pretty hard. God is so amazing with what he has planned. As my family is going through a tough time, God is still in control. Today, mom is going in for a biopsy to test for breast cancer. Spirits are high at home, peace is evident and God is in control. I don’t know what it is, but I;m not super worried. I don’t think that it is denial, but more knowing who my God is and knowing what he is capable of. 

It has been interesting to be at home, things are the same, but different. Things are great, but I miss my friends from my DTS and it’s weird talking to them on the phone or on Skype and not being able to see them. We got so close, I don’t think ay of us realized it in the midst of it all. I already have job opportunities too! I’m set up to do some drug testing and I just got a phone call to work tomorrow morning for a couple hours at The Zone, we’ll see what comes out of that! God is such a provider and I’m so glad to be at home and I now know without a doubt that this is where He wants me for this time.

Call me to hang out, anytime!

“welcome back”

Those words first came from the immigration officer in San Francisco. It actually put a smile on my face. It has been quite surreal being home. God is so good, my family is amazing, and my friends are great too. The biggest thing that I have noticed is that it is soooo quiet here. I can step outside and hear nothing. My room is so dark and it is easy to relax. I still am having a hard time believing that I am actually at home. Some things are different and some things are the same, but it is all good. All this to say, I’m home safe and getting used to being here. I’m going to start training for my new job tomorrow!

Thanks for your prayers as I transition back into life here,