power packed

Yesterday was such an amazing day!

We were at the slum where we talk with little Ibu Anas, she is so amazing! We were able to really share the gospel and encourage her lots. Adam is back with us for the remaining time here. He was with us at the beginning for a few days and is apart of a DTS in Kona, Hawaii. He was our translator and it was his first time sharing the gospel. His outreach was all about video stuff, so he didn’t do outreach like we do.

So we had a great time really laying everything out there clearly for her. She didn’t make a decision, but we feel as though she is one step closer to knowing him. Pet and JT saw a huge healing, a lady had back problems and it was because one leg was shorter than the other and so they prayed for her leg to grow longer and it did! So amazing!

Others prayed for people involved with black magic and we’re still waiting for breakthrough there. So much is happening, we’re hoping for even more today and we prepare to go out and talk with more people in the garbage slum.

Yay for Jesus!

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