mixed emotions

Here we are, down to our last 4 days in j-city. I’m so excited to go back to Perth to see friends that we left 3 months ago, but we have built some close friendships even here. We are told before we arrive that we should hang out in large groups of white people to draw attention to ourselves. Instead last night I looked around and with about 20 people gathered together only about 6 were white, the rest were our friends from Indo. It’ll be interesting to see how the goodbyes go. We’ve gotten really close and we could never see each other on earth again, but in heaven we can see each other again. 

We’ve been busy wrapping things up and saying goodbye to people that are in the slums. We’ve been helping church’s go out and see what the time looks like in the slum’s. I’m still working on a video that we can leave here and they can use to encourage church’s and friends to go out and do outreach with them. It has been amazing how God has been using the first one that we made all over the city. it is erally mobilizing people like we had hoped it would. Plus, there is still another quarter to come and show it as well!

Today we’re going out again, and god isn’t done using us. We still expecting people to come to know him! Keep us in your prayers as we fly out Saturday afternoon. See you in 10 days!

2 thoughts on “mixed emotions

  1. Goodbye’s are so hard – I pray that you will have a smooth transition 🙂

  2. Im praying that your diligent work does not go without answer. God will use what you have done in a great way, natalie! Keep up the good work!

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