not goodbye, see you later

Today, we realized how close we had really gotten to our once translators turned into friends in Indonesia. We had about 3 or 4 car loads of people drive an hour to come to the airport to say see you later to us. It is so meaningful to have them do that. Lots of hugs and tears were going around. They had gifts for us and we had some really sweet encouraging moments with our friends. At least 6 of them want to come to Perth in the next 2 years to do a DTS and have continuing training for what they are already doing in their city. They had a name for themselves when we arrived, NJTT, North Jakarta Translation Team. When we left, it was slightly altered, NJT, North Jakarta Transformers! It is so cool to see what God has done in the last three months. It is so surreal to think that we are on our way back to Perth and then home in about 6 days. God has blessed me so much by the friendships that I have with my team and with the people of  Jakarta. I know that next Friday morning will be even harder as we say see you later to each other as students and staff. 

I know that I have tried my best to keep my blog up as my adventures have gone on, but I hope that I have been able to convey properly what has happened. I know that written word is tougher than me talking with you face to face. My hope is that when I get home, I can really share with you what has happened to me. I love my God so much and he has become even more personal to me over the last 6 months. I know that my life and the way that I live it will be the true testimony to what God has done in me. Keep fighting the good fight!


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