not goodbye, see you later

Today, we realized how close we had really gotten to our once translators turned into friends in Indonesia. We had about 3 or 4 car loads of people drive an hour to come to the airport to say see you later to us. It is so meaningful to have them do that. Lots of hugs and tears were going around. They had gifts for us and we had some really sweet encouraging moments with our friends. At least 6 of them want to come to Perth in the next 2 years to do a DTS and have continuing training for what they are already doing in their city. They had a name for themselves when we arrived, NJTT, North Jakarta Translation Team. When we left, it was slightly altered, NJT, North Jakarta Transformers! It is so cool to see what God has done in the last three months. It is so surreal to think that we are on our way back to Perth and then home in about 6 days. God has blessed me so much by the friendships that I have with my team and with the people of  Jakarta. I know that next Friday morning will be even harder as we say see you later to each other as students and staff. 

I know that I have tried my best to keep my blog up as my adventures have gone on, but I hope that I have been able to convey properly what has happened. I know that written word is tougher than me talking with you face to face. My hope is that when I get home, I can really share with you what has happened to me. I love my God so much and he has become even more personal to me over the last 6 months. I know that my life and the way that I live it will be the true testimony to what God has done in me. Keep fighting the good fight!


mixed emotions

Here we are, down to our last 4 days in j-city. I’m so excited to go back to Perth to see friends that we left 3 months ago, but we have built some close friendships even here. We are told before we arrive that we should hang out in large groups of white people to draw attention to ourselves. Instead last night I looked around and with about 20 people gathered together only about 6 were white, the rest were our friends from Indo. It’ll be interesting to see how the goodbyes go. We’ve gotten really close and we could never see each other on earth again, but in heaven we can see each other again. 

We’ve been busy wrapping things up and saying goodbye to people that are in the slums. We’ve been helping church’s go out and see what the time looks like in the slum’s. I’m still working on a video that we can leave here and they can use to encourage church’s and friends to go out and do outreach with them. It has been amazing how God has been using the first one that we made all over the city. it is erally mobilizing people like we had hoped it would. Plus, there is still another quarter to come and show it as well!

Today we’re going out again, and god isn’t done using us. We still expecting people to come to know him! Keep us in your prayers as we fly out Saturday afternoon. See you in 10 days!

power packed

Yesterday was such an amazing day!

We were at the slum where we talk with little Ibu Anas, she is so amazing! We were able to really share the gospel and encourage her lots. Adam is back with us for the remaining time here. He was with us at the beginning for a few days and is apart of a DTS in Kona, Hawaii. He was our translator and it was his first time sharing the gospel. His outreach was all about video stuff, so he didn’t do outreach like we do.

So we had a great time really laying everything out there clearly for her. She didn’t make a decision, but we feel as though she is one step closer to knowing him. Pet and JT saw a huge healing, a lady had back problems and it was because one leg was shorter than the other and so they prayed for her leg to grow longer and it did! So amazing!

Others prayed for people involved with black magic and we’re still waiting for breakthrough there. So much is happening, we’re hoping for even more today and we prepare to go out and talk with more people in the garbage slum.

Yay for Jesus!

sorry for my absence

I’m sorry that I haven’t been doing so well with my blogging lately. THings have been busy here. We’re wrapping up our outreach and coming down to the last week or so here. We have about 9 days left in J-city, I have such mixed emotions about the whole thing. Today, we were sitting in Rawa Indah, a slum that we have spent a lot of time in, and I was looking around thinking to my self that there will probably only be one more time that I’ll be able to visit this place. God has been so faithful through out this whole time. We were blessed once again on Monday by Petrina’s parents. They took us out to lunch at the Mariotte hotel and we had a fabulous lunch. With the Mus…lim fasting starting that day, the restaurant was pretty empty. That’s how lunch goes around here in general during this month.

On Tuesday we went to PK again and JT and I met a guy named Aldo and had a great conversation with him. We were able to encourage him to stop smoking and try to quit for his little girls sake. We had fun laughing with him and just sharing our lives. I showed him pictures of my family and he showed us of his. People are so amazed that we just want to hang out and talk. We talked to him about Jesus and what He thinks of Aldo. We really got the wheels in his head spinning. Good stuff.
Today we talked with Ibu Romlah again and encouraged her more with her new faith and she encouraged us with the prayers that she has been praying, God is so amazing.
The other reason I haven’t been writing has had to do with avoid a subject all together, I’ve been waiting for the right timing. So here is what is going on….

God has also been doing a lot in me personally. He always seems to be  
speaking and telling me new things. A few months ago I really felt as  
though God was asking me to apply for a school called PhotogenX, which  
I obediently did.  I was accepted and immediately began to raise  
support in different ways. Thanks to those of you that have responded  
with your prayer and financial support. Over the last few weeks, God  
has been speaking new things and laying new things on my heart. My  
burden for my home has increased in a way that I have never felt  
before. There are so many lost and lonely people. Just look at the  
suicide rates in  the northwest among youth, it is rising like none  
other. With this burden God has asked me to lay down PhotogenX and  
pursue things and ministry at home. So once again I have asked him to  
be Lord of every area of my life and in that He has asked me to come  
home for an amount of time that I’m not sure of yet. I will not be  
leaving right away, but I will do ministry at home. I plan on spending  
time with youth and young adults that may want further training on  
what it means to be a disciple. I want to spend time in local coffee  
shops meeting unbelievers and telling them my story and getting to  
know them. I will be doing whatever it is that God lays on my heart  
for the Pacific Northwest. I’m so excited to see what God wants to do  
in our area. I feel as though it is a place that needs transformation  
and I want to be a part of that. I would love to have you be a part of  
what I’m doing. It’s always great to have friends come along and meet  
new people and show them our life changing friend. Things are going to  
be unleashed, I hope you’re ready for it!

So there is this last week in a nutshell… I’ll be back soon!