continuing saga

Well, Here I am. Home for a few months now, I have a job, and I’m paying my own bills. I was driving to work the other day and thinking about the days where I longed for something so normal. What was wrong with me? As I was driving, I remebered the days where on outreach we would meet up with our friends, sweat a lot, and go meet people, talk to them, show them Jesus, and that was normal! Now I have a job, I’m involved at church and things are going pretty good, in general. I just don’t feel like I quite fit in. The people at work are nice, but I just don’t want to talk about what they talk about. They, some of them, would probably think I’m crazy if i told them more, but I do, when the opportunity arises.

My heart seems to be so torn, i want to be traveling and seeing the world and making an impact, but i have to remember that I’m here for a reason and a purpose, i can’t just live to get through each day, but I have to see each day as a chance to do something great. As I have said before, i am avoiding this place. It is a hard place to come to when so many amazing stories have been told through this page, but i know that many more are to come, and I have to keep digging deep into the soul of who God has made me to be. The great excavation continues…

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