nothing special

I know that each post doesn’t have to be anything spectacular, but I also don’t want to waste anyone’s time. You know what I mean? Well, I guess we could call this my 6-month check-up. Pretty much I’m doing everything that I can to get everything paid off so that I can be free to go and do whatever it is that God has for me. I’m currently working 3 jobs and I’m still not sure what this recession is that everyone is talking about, PTL! I’m working at That’s a some Pizza on Bainbridge Island, I’ve been enjoying it. I make pizza, toss dough, and deliver all over the Island. I’m getting to know all the back roads pretty well. I’m also working for a company call Drug Free Sport, testing college/University athletes making sure that they aren’t using drugs. I get in a lot of miles on the road traveling all over the NW. I love it when I can get out of Poulsbo! I’m also working with my dad starting a business of lawn maintenance and landscaping. mo-yo-lon is open for business and available to help anyone out. So with all of that going on, I’m staying quite busy! Time and time again I’m reminded of why God has me here at home in Poulsbo. Life hasn’t been anything close to easy since being here, but I know that I’m needed here and I can’t deny what God is doing around me and through me. I’m going to try and post more often, just random everyday stuff, we’ll see how that goes and even if anyone ever comes here anymore. I am related to the blog queen so I have a lot to live up to! haha, just kidding! Peace!