life in the fast lane

Been going pretty fast around here lately, I just got home from an amazing road trip to visit my sister in Utah. Deanna and I made it in one shot, no 2 day drive stuff! 16 long, but fun hours. I learned a few things about Deanna, as I’m sure she did about me! Here’s a shot from on the road, I think this is somewhere in idaho…
road trip
I’ve been working hard at the church, making videos and getting ready for the fall kickoff. It has felt really good to be back in the video editing realm, I’ve really missed it. It also helps with being reminded with why I am going to school.

Also, we have 2 new puppies that have been keeping us very busy. This is my boy, Patches, is so sweet and loves to be loved on. He is a german short haired pointer mix.

Life has been fun and I feel like I’m making a difference again, that’s a good place to be!

2 thoughts on “life in the fast lane

  1. Great photo! Glad you ladies made it home safe 🙂

  2. Glad you had fun!

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