I’ve been hard at work these last few months. I really enjoy it and it is so fun to be creative all the time. Sometime I really feel like I get to do crafty projects while sitting at my desk, this is one of the advantages of being an Administrative Assistant for Children’s ministry. Yesterday, I made “wanted” posters for all the people that need to fill out a form in order to work with kids, it was funny! We’ve also been working on a project to go through the Bible with the kids in one year, Brent, our children’s pastor, had a goat who is a puppet, his name is Billy. So we do audio recordings of Billy the Goat and Brent telling a Bible story. We’ve been producing CD’s and posting it on our website. So i’m getting a little audio production under my belt too, I have a long ways to go though! With that I’m also making posters so the kids know what stories are coming up, here is one of them, Beginnings poster 1bthe colors are a little off for some reason, maybe I’ll fix it later… I’m working on the next one, but I’m still waiting for a little more info, the story of my life! haha!

Anyways, life is good, and I’m right where God wants me. This is work right now, I have a ton of other stuff going on too, but that can be for another post!