His Love Endures Forever!

What a statement, I know that I often read over a statement like that in the Bible and remember the song we used to sing and that was the echo part that we were all stuck with, but now that I really stop and take a moment to really think about it, Wow!
So “His love” first of all that statement is too amazing for my mind to wrap around. His love? This is the guy that willing died for me before I even cared that He exisited. He died for me while I was living in sin hiding what was going on even from myself and those around me. He died for me when I was walking by the lonely and hurting. He still would die for me all over again if that’s what it took. Lucky for me, it only took one death, and it wasn’t mine when it should have been. His love for me blows my mind to think about. When no one else is around, He loves me, cares about me, wants to spend time with me.
Not only is it His love though, but it is His love that endures. I’d like to think sometimes that I’ve endured some not so easy times. I have lots of things: pretty consistant sinus pain for almost 10 years, living with 20 people in a 3 bedroom apartment with one bathroom in Indonesia for a little over a week, watching my parents go through some pretty awful stuff too… We all endured, but this is a real endurance that we’re talking about here. Mockery, ridicule, beatings and death all by choice. Now that’s what I call endurance.
That love, it endures FOR-EV-ER! I can’t wrap my mind around forever, it’s just too long. I get impatient when it takes someone an hour to respond to an email, but He is patiently waiting for us to come to Him, just like a gentleman, he’ll wait it out, we’re worth it in His mind. How am I worth any of what he is freely giving me? I’m not, but with His love I’m worth every bit of it, woah!
Thank you Jesus for loving me sooooooo much that your love will endure forever, that you won’t leave me, that you won’t turn your back on me even when I do that to you, and that you’ll walk with me and teach me without loosing patience with me. I know I can be stubborn, but I want to move forward into the greatness that you have for my life. It’s trapped inside each one of us, and i’m ready to unleash it for Your glory!