easier said than done

As I read the Bible I see the choices and decisions that the great hero’s of the Bible made and i’m convinced that I would make the same exact choices, just look at how it turned out for them. Gideon fought with such a small army. Moses led the people to the promise land, and Abraham didn’t have to sacrifice Isaac. I would like to think that I have the courage and faith to make those same decisions that they made thousands of years ago.

I’ve been reading through the Bible this year in a chronological sequence, or as best we know… and I’ve come upon recently the story of the prophet Hosea. What a guy! When looking at his life i wonder if I really know what it means to be obedient. Would I really listen to those instructions from God?

Hosea is a stud for listening to God, and obeying him. If you don’t know the story of Hosea… basically he was a good guy that God told to marry a certain woman, that woman was Gomer. If her name wasn’t bad enough by itself, she was also a prostitute. He went and married her, took her home, provided for her, then she left him to go back to her old life. God told Hosea once again to go get her. He did, again! He had to pay off her pimp (they weren’t called that, but sounds good). I think that is crazy that he had to pay someone for his wife, that shouldn’t be. He paid it and took her home again.

There is obviously way more to this story, but that’s the gist of it. God was using Hosea and Gomer as an example to the Israelites for how they had been treating God. Wouldn’t we all like to be used by God in a way to open the eyes of an entire nation? But at what cost? Would I understand what he was asking me to do?  if I did, would I believe it was Him? There are so many elements that play into this story. God is so big and sees the whole story played out, us humans just see how it affects us, that’s where there has to be a lot of trust in our maker.

May we all understand better what it means to hear the voice of God and to obey it. It’ll always be easier said than done, but most people don’t want to hear us say something, they want to see us living it out.

to know someone

I often think about doing life with someone, I’ve heard and used the expression many times. What does it really mean though? Is that the person you call when you really don’t have anything to say? Is that the person that you’re supposed to tell all your deep secrets to?
I don’t really have any answers, i know that at different times I finally felt like I had that friend that I could “do life with” then something or another happened and that friendship went another direction. I have also learned though that ‘there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.” I have a brother, we’re pretty close, but we don’t do life together, but then again maybe we do! Does the physical distance make a difference? Well, this is just a lot of questions… I didn’t mean for that to happen, but there you have it!