In recent days I have been working toward not missing any opportunity. In this I’m not really looking to do big things that change the course of a life completely, although, I’m open to that 🙂 I’ve mostly been looking for those small things that help people. In doing that I’ve mentioned one of those experiences on twitter. It went something like this:

Small opportunity to serve: Today I returned a cart at the store for a dad who was trying to get his infant in the car. Nailed it!
That was it, my thought behind the statement was to push others to see how easy it is to help someone else out, when they least expect it. Not missing an opportunity to be Christ to someone without saying really anything at all, just serving.
After I posted this a “good” friend replied in a way that frustrated me.
So the question is – now that you announced it for earthly praise, do you receive heavenly praise?
I think he missed the point.
Maybe I didn’t communicate very well.
but it did get me thinking.
Does everything have to be about receiving Praise? I don’t think it does. If it does, do I care that much about “heavenly praise”? I think I care more about motivation people on toward being more Christ-like. Maybe after I posted that I got one person thinking about how they could help out a stranger, that would make my forfeit of heavenly praise worth it to me. I honestly don’t think that it has to be an either-or situation though. It’s all about the heart, and there is only one who know’s my heart, so He can judge me.
What have you done today to serve someone? Have you missed an opportunity? It’s okay, there is always another right around the corner.

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