Presence vs. Presents

Tis the season for the people to rush the mall and make out with great deals to take home to their sweet kids for Christmas morning.
Tis the season for the righteous to boycott presents altogether and make memories instead of giving gifts.

Where is the middle ground here? I see both sides, but I don’t feel as though I belong on either. I am fully aware of the meaning of Christmas. I love Jesus for coming to this world in such a humble way. Were the Wisemen wrong to bring him gifts? I don’t think so. This season is filled with so much joy and time with family and friends, why does it only have to be about being in the presence of the Holy Spirit and not about giving those that you love presents.
This topic gets me a little worked up, I’m the sort of person that has a love language of giving and receiving gifts. I love to give gifts to my family and friends, I usually just run out of money before I can get something for everyone. I feel as though I’m sharing a little bit of Christ’s love with them by giving them presents that I have chosen specifically for them. I love to see their faces when they open them and see how much they enjoy them. I also have a really hard time waiting until Christmas to give it to them, so I tend to do my shopping last minute. 🙂
This year I’m so excited that I’m going to have my entire family home for Christmas, it’s been a while since this has happened. I’m excited to not have to send all my Amazon prensents all over the country for them to open without me, and you better believe that I’m excited to make some amazing memories with all of them while they are here.
I don’t think it has to be about one or the other, it can be about both! My God is big enough that I can bask in his presence while giving tangible presents to those that I love.

One thought on “Presence vs. Presents

  1. Yes! Dig your thoughts on this, and I totally agree. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your fam.

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