Well, the holiday’s are over and life if moving back into the normal category. School has started again and I’m back to work after taking a week

Back (L-R): Richie, Katie, Me, mom, dad, Amy, Owen & Joe Front: Ruby, Emmalie, Sophia, Faith & Ella

off. We had such an amazing Christmas, as you can see, the whole family was together. Joe, Amy, Ella, Emmalie, Sophia and Owen were here for a week, from Utah. Richie, Katie, Faith and Ruby were here for 4ish days, from Spokane. We had a great time just spending it with each other. Late night games, scavenger hunt in the woods, giant inflatables, and meals with everyone around the table.

It was a special time to really be together. I had so much fun watching all of the kids open their Christmas presents and to see their shock and surprise as they opened each gift was priceless. God is so good and has blessed our family tremendously. At the end of each day I was so tired and so ready for bed. At one point I told my mom I was glad I was single and without kids, those little ones really wear you out! Props to all you mom’s out there, you’ve got my respect! Someday, I’ll be there, but not today, and I am A-ok with that!

After they all left the house was quiet, we went from 13 people down to 3. The whirlwind was over, but of course, they left their mark! A week+ later I’m still sick and hoping to get better soon. It was all so worth it though, I’d rather be sick instead of not seeing them all for Christmas. Until this happens again, I’ll hold on to these sweet memories!


One thought on “whirlwind!

  1. Natalie – what a great photo and reminder of how God meets our needs above and beyond and blesses us. I am so glad your whole family was there, what an extra special blessing for mom and dad. Plus Greg has a job!! Wahoo – God is good. Enjoy being single because little ones definitely wear us out as moms, but it’s a good kind of warn out. 🙂

    Bless you my friend.
    Shelly 🙂

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