It’s not love any other way

It’s not enough just to say that you’re ok
I need your hurt, I need your pain
It’s not love any other way. -Tenth Ave North

To love you have to be so vulnerable… I really like how this chorus plays out in this song. When you’re just saying that you’re okay, you aren’t really opening up to a person to let them love you. I know that I hate being vulnerable with anyone, but I also know that it is required in order to really love anyone. I tend to lean in the direction of putting walls up to avoid any hurt, but that isn’t so practical, now is it? If walls just keep going up, you’re alone and all you’ll ever be is just okay. I want life to be more, to have more, okay just isn’t enough for me anymore.

This also comes with the ability to take on another’s hurt and pain, which isn’t easy either, but when you feel that hurt and pain with them, it’ll draw you closer. Today while I was praying for a friend I got choked up, because I know that there is hurt and pain in her life. I wasn’t expecting it, but to know that I love this friend so deeply that I shed some tears for her and brought this realization to light.

I love these moments of realization and revelation in my life, these moments of excavation into my heart.