Wednesday/Thursday August 31-Sept 1

What a long day it has been so far! We left Seattle at about 2pm PDT and arrived in Paris at 8am Paris time, then we caught our connection to Bilbao, Spain. So we arrived on Thursday around noon here. We took a title bit of time to get to our flat where we’re staying and then took showers and what not. We then headed out to see the city for the afternoon/evening while waiting for our trip leader to arrive. He was supposed to get here a couple of days ago but was delayed because of hurricane Irene.
We Grabbed lunch at an outdoor cafe, then went and walked around the old part of San Sebastian near where we are staying. After lunch we got some amazing iced coffee, then roamed the streets with our tour guide Chris P. Who lives here and works with the Summer in the USA program full time. He and his wife are from the West coast and come to Poulsbo as home usually. an amazing family that has been living here for about 2 1/2 years.
We got to see a catholic church and also dropped in on one of the traditional basque games that is played, pelota, pretty cool stuff. After that we headed toward the beach to see the regatta time trials, there wasn’t mug to see today, but we’ll catch the finals on Sunday.
It has been quite the full couple of days without any rest. I think i’ve been awake for about 30 hours straight, so I should sleep well tonight! That’s about all for now, I’ll update more soon!

this is from off our balcony, the water just out there where it is over-exposed


Old catholic church20110901-112514.jpg


Old bull fighting ring20110901-112533.jpg

The beach!20110901-112541.jpg

Regatta races20110901-112548.jpg

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