Hope in the midst of it all

Since returning from Basque Country I’ve had many people ask me what I thought of it, how the trip was, my favorite things… all kinds of questions!

Here are some thoughts from the trip.
Our God is bigger than any strongholds that we may see or face. I know that there are some serious strongholds on the Basque people. The only that keep coming back to is pride. The interesting thing is that they have a lot to be proud of. They are very affluent. They have relationships that go deeper than most Christians that I know. They have held onto their land even though they aren’t their own nation. That being said, they are a proud people that don’t see their need for God at all. Often scoffing when God is mentioned.

The land is gorgeous and believe me, we saw tons of it! Looking at a map now, we covered the region pretty well, I know that there is a lot to still see, but we got a very thorough taste of Basque culture and the land. We saw some of the places that will hopefully be the home of future outposts for Summer in the USA.

Relationships are important on a peer level. They each join a “quadria” when they are young child (8-10 yrs) and stay with their quadria into their adult years. This a tightly knit group of friends that spend most evenings together. They go to dinner, hang out at the beach, go to festivals and even on vacation together. You’ll see a group of 10, 12 year olds walking around the city together to get dinner and just spend time together. These are their closest friends that they tell everything to. They are all female or all male, no co-ed groups. These were very interesting and I see how they are a support system for each other. With this, they also don’t show the importance of family relationships. The families aren’t as strong and many would think. Yes, many generations are living near by, but that’s not who they spend their time with.
Also, you rarely see someone in a coffee shop alone, everyone seems to be in conversation. You also don’t see people sitting together doing their own thing. They communicate with each other lots!

These are some of the main things that I have taken away after being in Basque country. Most of all, I want to communicate that there is so much hope for these people. We serve a big God that knows them each by name and loves each of them dearly. Please be praying for the families that are over there full-time. They need our support to know that they aren’t alone.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this trip even attainable by your prayers and support. You now have an inheritance in the Basque people. Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Much love,

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