Into the Unknown

It has been a while since I’ve done any blogging, but I feel like change always drives me to write down my thoughts. I’m in the midst of a huge leap of faith. I know that many people may not understand what I’m doing, but I have to do what I feel God is asking me to. Here’s the story…

In 5 days I’m headed down to Azusa, CA to start a new adventure. I’m not going to school (yet), I don’t have a job (yet) but I do have a place to live and some amazing friends that have invited me to come and share a townhouse with. I feel like I should be much more nervous, but I’m not. I have such a peace and excitement for what God has for me. He is my provider and He has always had my back. I’ve asked myself many times “what’s the worst that could happen?” Nothing really is that bad that is going to stop my from following what I feel is a clear call from God to go.

I’m headed South and I’m so excited, God has a plan and I’m not quite privy to what that is yet, but I know that he’ll give me bits and pieces and He feels necessary – and I’m ok with that. I’ve often felt that He had big plans for me, but I’ve grown comfortable where I am. Comfortable in my job, in my home and just in my life. I’m ready to live out what God has for me and I’m willing to do whatever He asks of me.

There isn’t much of a story to how it all came about. The idea came up jokingly, but it piqued my interest. Through a series of confirmations and I’d say the most important one coming from my mom one day while we were on vacation. She just said, “Why don’t you just move down there with them?!” I told her, I had actually been thinking about it, but not sure if I should bring it up. So, with that I started taking steps to making this happen. With crummy health and an eventual surgery on August 16, plans were put on hold until I could heal completely. I know that God has been working through this all.

This comes as a surprise to many, but to anyone that knows me, knows that I listen to his voice and I follow. They know that I’m always up for an adventure with God. He has always encouraged me to jump off the cliff while yelling “Geronimo!” So here I go, jumping into the unknown with God by my side.

5 thoughts on “Into the Unknown

  1. We are excited for you, Natalie! We have followed The Lord into the “unknown” many times throughout our lives, and it’s always been an adventure. HE will take care of you! We will be praying for clear guidance and discernment for you.

  2. Proud of you Nat.

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  4. Do it now, Natalie, many people are deaf to what the Lord has for them! Romans 8:28 on your journey and life!!!!

  5. Way to go lady! The best times in life are often when we step out of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves…remember those first few crazy weeks in Perth?? Dang I wanted to go HOME! haha But then God showed up in a major way…plus I got some incredible friends like you out of the deal, SCORE! So excited for you and your new adventure! Love you!

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