Living in the wait

Well, now that November is here I found that I have lived through so many emotions that have been overwhelming me. I came down here with so much fervor and strength that I knew God would provide. I still believe that whole heartedly as my saving dwindle and I’m wondering where next month’s rent is going to come from. I have been doing my due diligence in applying for multiple jobs everyday, but still nothing has come up. I haven’t felt that stirring that I was finding something that spoke to the soul of who I am. I know for a fact that God didn’t just call me down here to get a part-time job at a retail place and barely ekkk by every month.

With God as my provider, I have to trust him. One of my roommates found a job today that is at Azusa Pacific University that I think would be perfect for me. With my years of experience at the church doing media and serving in that capacity, I believe that I am who they need. Most jobs I just apply and hope for the best, but this one stirs something in me. I am praying that this will be the one that I’ve been looking for. The waiting has been hard, but I’ve known all along that He had something special out there for me, I praying that this is it. Even if it isn’t, I feel like I have renewed that fervor and passion that I came here with. That God has my back and isn’t going to leave me hanging, He has called me to this adventure and I’m going to live it out to the fullest! Waiting is hard and takes a lot of courage, but I’m willing to wait if it means finding the right job that I can excel at! I’ll keep you up to date with what happens!

One thought on “Living in the wait

  1. Prayers and hugs (and a few emotions) your way! What you have shared is spot on. And you are so gifted. God’s got the perfect spot for you and you will serve well. I know it!

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