I’ve often found myself in a place where I’m content with the friends that I have. Surrounded by great people, not really needing any new friends. I realize now that is no way to live a life, you have to be open to new friendship all of the time. You never know what someone can offer you, what they can do to make you a better person. Even those that you feel you can’t learn from, you can. I believe that as soon as you think you’re done with someone, that’s when you’re really getting started with them. I know that I’ve been written off before, it doesn’t feel good, and I never want someone else to feel that way.

I have some amazing people in my life, this journey that I’ve been on has been backed by so many people, so many prayers, so many friends. I left friends in WA state and hung out with some in CA, made some new friends in CA and came back to WA leaving those new and old friends behind. Even just being gone a couple of months, people change and move on. Lives move forward like they have to and all of the sudden you find that you’re not in the same timeline anymore.

As I have come back home to WA, I’ve found that there are many more friendships for me to have. It’s crazy that just a month ago I hardly knew any of the people that I now spend that majority of my time with. My life has changed so much even in just the last month, getting a new job, meeting tons of new people, going through a very intense time of training and learning along side each other. With all of the time we spent together, it’s no wonder new friendships were forged. We were welded together in a way that I know I didn’t expect.

As our training came to an end and we started opening new shops, we all went to different locations. They split the family up! They had to, but it all happened so quickly, i don’t think that any of us really knew that our time together would be over so quickly. The cool thing now is seeing each other in action. Going to each others shops just to say hi. I know when friends come in I get so excited and give them big hugs!

Friendships are so key in life. You need the new friendships that keep your story fresh, that keep you open and vulnerable in ways you’d probably like to close up once people know your story. On the flip-side you still need those friendships that you’ve had for years. Those friends that come and go, but you’re always able to pick up right where you left off. There is so much security in those friendships, people that know what you’ve been through and have loved you through it. There is a balance of nurturing all of those friendships, and as my pool of friends has grown exponentially this last month, there is a lot of my story that needs to be told. Be thankful for those friends around you, and tell them how much they mean to you!

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