Living a fulfilled life shows itself in so many different areas. I enjoy things that I haven’t for a while, photography comes easy, friendships aren’t work, healthy choices come naturally, and crazy hours are no big deal.

All of this has been true for me over the last few weeks. I’m seeing changes in myself that I didn’t expect. I’m lifting my eyes up more and enjoying the world around me, I’m looking around at all the beautiful things, I’m taking time to stop and enjoy a beautiful sunset or just let the wind blow through my hair.

I’m still amazed as I stroll through Pike Place Market and realize that work in one of the most iconic parts of the great Pacific Northwest. As I walk to the ferry I am in awe of the buildings around me. I’m so full of gratitude of this life I’m living and the opportunities that I have.

Today as I was driving to the ferry I was just praying for my day, praying for those I work with and those that I serve as I work. It’s amazing the difference it can make if your day starts out in the right foot. Granted I did get a full night of sleep and even got coffee and breakfast with my mom, but still having the right heart makes a huge difference! Being fulfilled by my maker and not looking for it from anyone else has been such a huge blessing. Apparently when you really are too busy to worry about all those other things they seemingly fall into place, but because they are habits that I have been working on before life got busy.

Being fulfilled doesn’t mean that everything is handed to you, I work hard day in and day out, and life choices have been made and practiced for years, I just feel like all of the pieces are fitting together, the puzzle is taking shape and it’s so much easier to see what the picture is, it isn’t just a mess of pieces everywhere, it a picture of my life coming together – and turning out quite beautiful!

If you’re looking to live a fulfilled life, you have to start with the life giver, know Him closely, talk to him daily and even more importantly listen to Him daily. Those are my thoughts, dive in head first and don’t look back!

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