It is safe to say that the days are closing in! I’ve used these last couple days off to gather everything I need and try to pack my bag up as much as I can. I’ll probably unpack a few thing in the next couple of days that I’ve realized I probably realized I don’t actually need, but that’s why you pack early, right?

I can say without hesitation that God is in this trip to Haiti, His hand is upon me, He is preparing me and is going before me and going with me. There are a couple of stories that I want to share, mostly to have them documented for myself, but also to show the goodness of God.

First, about a week ago a couple ladies were leaving my work and as they left I said goodbye and the shop was empty. They immediately came back around the corner and said they both felt like they had a word from the Lord for me and asked if they could share it with me. I was in awe of their boldness, but also eager to hear what they had to share. So, since I had a moment and no other guests in the shop at the time, I agreed to hear what they had to say. Both words were right on, and very encouraging. i then told them about my trip to Haiti and they prayed for my trip and we just had a really cool 10 minutes or so together. In the midst of everything that was being said, one of them mentioned that she saw someone just handing me cash for my trip to help pay for the rest of it. I didn’t think a whole lot of it at the time, but thought it would be cool if it did happen.

As a lot of friends know, it has been hard for me to get Sunday’s off the last 6 month’s, so this last Sunday we did our Send off at Gateway and our team was prayed over in the gatherings. I am such a strong believer in the power of prayer and it’s so important to sent off with the proper protection. I asked for the time off of work, with little expectation of getting the time since I was already taking 9 days for the trip, and got the day off! At the end of one of the gatherings someone came up to me and told me that God asked her to give me some cash for my trip and she handed me a good sum money, just like that girl had seen the week before. What a cool thing to be a part of and see God orchestrate! Just think, if I hadn’t asked for the time off, I wouldn’t have seen that little miracle.

Finally, one morning at work I heard a still small voice tell me to make a french press. I know, it seems silly. You see, that’s how we do our “drip” coffee. People order a drip and if we don’t have a fresh press we have to make one and it takes about 5 minutes. So they have to wait… anyways, I made the press and the next three customers that came into the shop ordered single cups of french press. There was literally 30 seconds left on the timer as the customer ordered the cup of coffee. It’s just one of those confirmations for me. I do hear the voice of God, even in the small things that really don’t have an eternal impact on anyone. But maybe someday when they do, He’ll speak to me, and I’ll know it’s Him and I’ll be confident that it’s Him speaking to me because I know His voice.

All that to say it has been an exciting couple of weeks leading up to this trip, lots has been happening and God has been speaking. I consider it such an honor that He chooses to use me and to work through me. He has always been so faithful and has always provided for me in all of my trips. Thanks for your prayers and support as I head out on Saturday.


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