Haiti one.

Well, we made it to Haiti, finally!
After 12 hours of traveling we’re here, it’s hot and humid!

We left Seattle at 7:35pm, flew to Denver and from Denver went to Miami and after Miami finally got to Haiti. We are currently waiting for another team to come in that will be joining us for the week. Their flight doesn’t land until 4pm and ours got in at 9am, so we’re hanging out at a residence by a pool, under the avocado tree, mango tree, coconut tree and bread fruit tree. Really, not so bad! We have a couple of locals that are here with us Dave and Worster. They are our ride and our tour guides. We just finished lunch, a very Haitian lunch. Chicken, fried plantain, beans and rice, salad, a spicy cole slaw, and a salsa type thing for the rice. It was delicious! We also had a cherry juice to go with it. 

The ride over here reminded me a lot of my time in Indonesia, open street markets, crazy driving, people walking out into the streets, trash everywhere and just a lot of people that you find in crowded cities. 

We won’t be staying in the city, but seeing the city still stirs my heart for the city and for the people. 

Well, on limited wifi and trying to learn some French/creole while we’re hanging out. So, until the next time I have wifi!!
Au revoir,


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