It has been really interesting to see the people in my life that truly support me. This has been quite the process and I’m still in the middle of it… All that to say, I’m so blown away by the people that care about me, those that I’ve known for a good portion of my life that are able to leave a comment or send a text that just lets me know that they care about what is happening in my life that even though I’m a thousand miles from home, I’m not doing life alone.

Last night I met a girl at the small group I’ve gotten connected to and she was willing to vouch for me  at her job to help me try and find a place at her company. Something about that level of trust and instant friendship that we’re united with Christ that we would stick our neck out for someone that we don’t even know. maybe it was my quick wit last night and she thought I was funny (i’m finally feeling comfortable with the group). Whatever it was I’m so thankful for her willingness to even step out and say something to me, we’ll see what happens!

The  support in my life near and far, it unbelievable. I feel like it has even brought be closer to my brother and sister, they’ll both randomly text me that see how I’m doing and how they can help me out. I actually feel like a little sister again and they are doing all they can to take care of me. I thought that this adventure would be more of the opposite, that going away would show more independence, less help needed. The opposite has proven to be true. I love the people that I have in my life now more than before.

Before I go, here is another picture of a project that Morgin and I have worked on the last couple of days, it’s not quite done, but wanted to share anyways. Be Grateful.


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